Tiny pup trots alongside herd: sheep surround him and everyone holds their breath

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A shepherd puppy has won the hearts of netizens by showing all his devotion in a video. 

The video was posted on the social network Reddit, by user r/aww with the caption: ” Anatolian Shepherd puppy in training”.

A very brave puppy 

In the footage, a puppy can be seen walking alongside a flock of sheep. The pup is tiny next to adult sheep, but despite his small size he doesn’t look the least bit impressed! 

The sheep walk in herds, and some of them approach the puppy, no doubt curious to know more about this small animal. 

The sheep surround it to sniff it. The little puppy is not afraid and sits down to sniff them too.  

Very intrigued, the sheep take their time to discover the one who will be nothing less than their future boss in a few months!

Then they resume their journey, and so does the puppy, trotting beside them with its little tail wagging. 

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