Three dogs watch over a kitten that has just been born, 14 million people are breathless (video)

The expression “getting along like dogs and cats” announces a general truth: two people cannot get along. However, dogs and cats sometimes get along very well and their friendship is heart-warming. 

If you are fortunate enough to live with cats and dogs in the same household, you may have noticed this.

There is nothing more touching than a dog and a cat who sleep in the same basket or who wash each other! 

A video that appeals to 14 million people

This is also what we can see in the video below, where a magnificent cat gives birth to a cute kitten, under the tender gaze of these three uncles, two Golden Retriever and a Husky.

At the start of the video, we see the cat preparing to start labor.

The three dogs watch the action through the protective bars, as if they were family members waiting outside the maternity ward. 

The three uncles are there to watch over the grain 

Finally, the cat gives birth to a beautiful little kitten.

And no one is more excited about this birth than the three uncles who look at this little wonder with great affection! 

It is obvious that these adorable doggies will take care of the little kitten and its mother for years!