This stray dog ​​is blind and in pain, but one small detail impressed rescuers

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Despite abandonment, disease and malnutrition, the animal has always kept its gentleness and its smile which did not fail to surprise its rescuers.

Helen, so baptized by her rescuers, is an example of resilience . This poor dog discovered by volunteers from Diasozo, a charity dedicated to animals in Karditsa, Greece, was in complete distress: Wandering alone, in a deserted area without access to water or any food, she was sick, severely malnourished … and blind to top it off.

However, what struck the volunteers was his kindness and his smile towards them despite his condition. Because the animal also suffered from leishmaniasis and worms in the heart and in the eyes as well as a cyst filling with fluid on the tail. “This is one of the most extreme cases that we have encountered”, confides The Orphan Pet association on Youtube, adding that “it is proof of the state in which an abandoned animal can find itself, in which not he can get sick, hungry and miserable. ”