This Shelter DOG Didn’t Want To Watch Anyone And Transformed After Adopted

She therefore applied for adoption and received a call from a tearful volunteer to know that Clémentine was going to find a family.

The volunteer then explained to Chelsea that no one had been interested in the bitch because she would need time to adjust to her new home.

During their first meeting, the adopter was able to realize the animal’s past: “Clementine was absolutely terrified of people and did not look anyone in the eye,” said Chelsea.

Seven months and a metamorphosis

During the return trip, the panicked dog never wanted to look at her owner. When she got home, she sought comfort from the other dogs in the family.

After several vet appointments and months of treatment for infections and allergies, Clementine finally started to feel better and stopped shaking. She even had the courage to look her humans in the eye.

Seven months after her arrival, Clémentine has completely transformed. Even though she is still wary of strangers, the bitch loves to watch her owners and get her head petted.

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