This kitten was abandoned by his mother because of a “defect” that makes him beautiful!

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Earlier last month, Ashley Kelley, volunteer for Wrenn Rescues, came across an urgent request for a newly born kitten, which needed to be bottle-fed.

“A nice lady found a kitten (newborn) outside, alone, cold and meowing. She put it in a warm place and kept an eye on a mom, but no cat mom is never presented, ”Ashley tells Love Meow . “He was obviously hungry, and something told me I had to go get her immediately.”

After putting the young feline in safety, she made him a bottle so that he could feed him. It was there that she discovered that the kitten had a nasal cleft. “I certainly couldn’t bottle-feed him because he had to be tube-fed,” says Ashley. Fortunately, the young woman had all the equipment available and was able to feed the kitten which she named Aela. Once sated, Aela took a long nap on the bed.

Ashley fed her kitten for two weeks using a probe. And apart from this peculiarity, “she is a remarkably normal kitten. She recognizes my scent and snuggles up against my hands” details her foster mother. 

Discover the story of this adorable kitten in video:

As Aela grew older, her eyes opened, her hearing became sharper and her meow louder. “I love her puckered nose when she meows. Whenever we get a little noisy, so does she. I have never encountered a happier, more angelic newborn in my life.”

And then, the good news fell: “We received the official word from the veterinarian (…) we no longer needed to feed her by tube”. Now Aela is 4 weeks old, she eats alone, puts on weight and is full of energy.