This Dying Dog Was About To Be Euthanized When A Woman Walked Up And Whispered Something To Him

A dying dog

When she discovered Libre, Janine immediately understood the urgency. The poor pooch couldn’t even lift his head, he was covered in maggots and other mites, and above all he had lost all hope. He was just waiting for death .

Faced with this absolutely overwhelming spectacle, the veterinarian suggested to Janine that the dog’s suffering be reduced by euthanizing it. But Janine had another idea, and especially the desire to fight for two .

She then gently approached Libre and whispered a few words in her ear . A few words that would change everything.

“I had never seen someone so close to death, and I only wanted one thing: to convince him to fight and stay with me. »

So Janine whispered in the pup’s ear that if he fought for his life, she would give him a home and her heart .

A real fighter

Unfortunately for Janine, things don’t work out for Libre and the vet tells him he only has 24 hours to live . Far from being discouraged, Janine decides to stay by his side and provide him with all the necessary care.

And that’s where the miracle happened. After 12 hours, Libre picked up the slack and started to feel better. Since that day, he has never stopped getting better and progressing. Life was back in his little body.

“He taught me that there was no lost cause. »

Today, Libre is a doggy well in his paws and it’s nice to see!

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