This dog takes revenge on the family who abandoned him at a gas station (Video)

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The dog waited for his owners for three weeks at the place where he was abandoned. After this long time, something totally changed her life. 

An abandoned dog at a gas station in Kiev

Letting go of a dog is one of the most cowardly and cruel things a human can do. Leaving behind an animal that loves you more than anything and will not stop doing so is an abominable act that automatically erases all traces of humanity in the person capable of doing something like this.

It is in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine , that this story takes place. It all starts when a heartless man abandons his dog at a gas station, a kind and gentle animal who quickly taught mankind a lesson. For no less than three weeks, this brave doggie waited in the same place for his masters to come back for him. 

 Unfortunately, no member of his family came to pick him up.

A new chance

Fortunately for this doggie, a woman named Elena Razinkova passed by and fell under his spell. Touched by the fate of this dog, she decided to take him to her home to treat and feed him . The dog had serious tick problems in addition to being severely dehydrated. 

Elena renamed the dog Loki and the latter is recovering at an all time high. However, Elena already has two dogs and a cat at home and they don’t get along with Loki. So she is looking for the perfect family to take care of this dog who is worth gold .