They find a dog in a trash can: a monstrous detail freezes everyone’s blood …

Billy is a tiny puppy who was thrown into a dumpster and then burned by a heartless person. 

The poor doggie suffered the worst atrocities. When he was just a very small puppy, Billy was thrown in the trash and burned at more than

100 °.

When he was finally found, good Samaritans tried to cool him down with water while they called for help.

A small dog that clings to life at all costs

Fortunately Viktor Larkhill and his team intervened to save Billy’s life. 

Viktor received a video showing the poor doggie’s suffering and said he was deeply upset by Billy, struggling to stay alive anyway. 

Viktor and his team therefore went to recover him to take him to the veterinary clinic and receive care adapted to his injuries.

It took many weeks of care for him to get back on his feet

When Billy arrived at the clinic, he was in such a sorry state that he could barely move. He couldn’t even stand on his feet.

In addition to cardiac arrest, the poor doggie suffered from parvovirus, an infection which can be fatal in most cases. 

Billy received treatment for his injuries and was cared for by a dedicated team of caregivers.

After long weeks of care, Billy was finally able to walk again and play! 

He was adopted by a loving family who will only spoil him for the rest of his life, as we can judge from the images in the video below!