They ask the vet to euthanize their 6 month old hunting dog because his paw is broken!

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When we adopt an animal, we have the responsibility to do everything to ensure that it is happy with us throughout its life. We are committed to providing him with as much love as care. But sometimes, some masters are not of the same opinion …

Cash is a 6 month old hunting dog. Unfortunately, he was in a serious car accident last week. His back leg was completely broken. 

The puppy was trained to hunt down bears 

However, having a broken leg does not mean death for a dog. But for Cash’s handlers, the dog was no longer “useful” to them in this state. 

Indeed, they trained him to help them trap bears, and for them, having a broken leg no longer allowed him to help them. They then took him to the vet to have him euthanized. 

The veterinarian opposes euthanasia

Fortunately the vet refused to have him euthanized. Instead, the puppy was transferred to the Middleburg Humane Foundation. He had a CT scan and it revealed he didn’t even need an amputation! 

The healthcare team operated on the puppy a week after his accident, and it was a real success. 

Within the association, Cash received the care of a veterinarian by the name of Connie Wise, and between them, it was love at first sight.

The young woman has decided to become his foster family and she is also considering adopting him forever! 

We are so happy that Cash has escaped his terrible fate, and that he can regain his strength in a loving home!