They abandon their puppy because they find it ugly: what they say before leaving the shelter is even worse …

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A totally irresponsible and odious abandonment …

If most doggies are full members of the family, this is unfortunately not always the case and the story of Captain Morgan is once again sad proof …

Abandonment for cruel reasons

The American Staffordshire Terrier was only 8 weeks old when he was abandoned by his humans at a rural shelter in North Carolina about 5 years ago. Why give up a puppy? The family said the doggie did not meet their aesthetic criteria because of a slightly too small ear and a blind eye. They no longer wanted him and decided to abandon him, while specifying that the refuge could perfectly euthanize him, that did not pose the slightest problem to them …

Obviously, within the shelter everyone was appalled to hear such horrors and the dog was not euthanized. 

A new start for Captain Morgan

Immediately taken to the vet after his abandonment, Captain Morgan was examined from all angles. The vet finally concluded that the “flaws” the doggie’s former family spoke of would not be a concern for a completely normal life. 

According to the veterinarian, it is likely that the puppy came from intensive breeding, which would explain these health problems. 

The good news is that Captain Morgane very quickly found a new family for life in which he found his place and a lot of love.