They abandon their 10-year-old dog: the volunteers of the refuge are totally wrong about him

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The poor dog was abandoned in the street overnight.

After ten years of cohabitation, Esther’s masters decided to abandon her in the street. A particularly hard decision for this dog who did not understand what was happening to her and had never lived in the street.

A life of wandering

For several weeks, Esther wandered the streets, alone and abandoned. When she was finally rescued by Sidewalk Special, she was already just a shadow of herself  : she had lost weight, lost teeth, and was covered in parasites.

Cured by vets, Esther was then able to eat her first real meal in far too long. Immediately, the volunteers thought it would be difficult to find her a family, since she was already ten years old. But they were all wrong .

A new life

Quite easily, Esther was reunited with a lifelong family in which she met another female dog: Lulah. Completely transformed, Ester is now in great health, happier than ever and still just as loving. She also loves spending time with her new canine friend .

She is living her best life and intends to make the most of it. A beautiful revenge on life.