These two dogs covered their big brother with kisses before he was euthanized

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We don’t know how, but the two dogs understood that their big brother was going to leave them soon, and wanted to say goodbye to him.

Dogs have impressive perception skills!

Sef was a German Shepherd who was coming to the end of his life after 11 happy years spent on this Earth with his family. With a heavy heart, his owners decided to have him euthanized to end his suffering. It had been months since the dog lost his mobility , and he ended up not getting up from the sofa , and needed to be carried for him to move.

The family vet never performed home euthanasia, but decided to make an exception for Sef.

As Sef’s parents prepared to say goodbye to him at the end of the day, the two other dogs in the house – Rhonin and Jaina – realized that he was up to something. They hovered around their big brother, and stayed near his place on the sofa all morning. At one point, they started to kiss him, as if to say goodbye and thank him for all the good times spent together.

During Sef’s last moments, his owners stayed close to him , and stroked his ears while slipping words of love to him. He was therefore well surrounded, and had a soft and painless death , alongside those who love him.

Sef has gone to heaven, but he remains in the hearts of his family who have only thought of him since his departure. Rhonin and Jaina sniff Sef’s place on the couch , and are just as sad as their human parents. For their part, they hope that by sharing the story of Sef, they will inspire animal lovers to adopt a dog in a shelter to allow it to have a good life as Sef.