The Pitbull approaches the baby and licks it: all of a sudden, it opens its mouth wide… (Video)

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When the huge doggie opened its mouth wide, everyone in the house held their breath.

It is well known that animals are often children’s best friends, and Pitbulls are no exception. The video below, which has toured the world, is once again proof of this. 

A daddy dog

The video begins as the dog and his tiny human are playing and having some taste buds. Everyone seems calm, but suddenly the huge dog comes closer and opens its mouth. But rest assured, what happens next is just love with a capital A.

The doggie did nothing but yawn several times before resuming his cuddling session with his little human who savored every second of this beautiful budding friendship. 


Good morning everyone!!🎥 Swag Kennels Inc

Posted by BullyWeb TV on Monday, April 6, 2020

Warning ! Remember never to leave a dog unattended with children, even large ones. You always have to stay present to make sure that everything is going well for everyone.