The German Shepherd is still looking in the hole in the fence: the neighbor clicks

The neighbor offers a particularly original idea to the delight of the doggie!

What a pleasure to have such neighbors! It’s only three holes for Jennifer Bowman from California – but for Penny, life is suddenly so much better. 

An inconvenient fence

There is a high wooden fence between the property of Penny the German Shepherd and that of Jennifer and her dog. Therefore, the

German Shepherd should always jump when she wants to say “Hello” to Jennifer and her pooch. A situation that breaks the heart of the young woman who has decided to remedy it once and for all.

So she goes to get a jigsaw and drills three holes in her beautiful wooden fence, at about knee height.

At first everyone seems a little puzzled at these three holes, but Penny quickly finds a way to use them: two for looking and the third for sniffing! Since then, she uses them daily to take a look at her favorite neighbor who congratulates herself on her good idea!