The dogs of the White House: when the doggies take part in the 2020 US presidential election

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What if to choose the right president, you had to trust your dog? Obviously, he still has to have one … This is the whole issue highlighted by this clip.

Posted on September 28 by the organization Dog Lovers for Joe (“Dog friends with Joe”), this clip of support for Joe Biden, launched by Rob Schwartz, CEO of an American advertising agency, highlights the fact that Donald Trump is the first U.S. president in over a century not to bring a dog to the White House.

“Dogs make us better people, so why aren’t there any right now in the White House?” asks the organization in the caption of its video. 

Will this information help hesitant voters to vote for the Democratic candidate in the US presidential election?

Verdict on November 3 after the counting of the ballots.

Have a dog, a presidential pledge?

We can then ask ourselves how having a doggie by his side could make one candidate better than another? Fast Company, an American business magazine, weighs in: “It goes without saying that owning a dog is not a prerequisite to claim the presidency, and should not become one.” But he believes, however, that “there is something deeply humanizing about seeing public figures interact with their legged companions”.

Politicians and their dogs

And for good reason, we can not share all the ideas of a politician but melt when seeing Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama playing with their pet. An asset for Joe Biden therefore that we see cuddling Champ. The name of his dog is also the diminutive of “champion” and it is perhaps not a coincidence.

“Choose your humans wisely. Vote on November 3.”

The clip ends with this line: “Choose your humans wisely. Vote on November 3.” So we’ll see at that time if our doggies have that much influence, but in any case, they remain our most faithful companions.