The breeder abandoned this puppy for an unacceptable reason, today he bites his fingers

Bertram has become a real star.

Dogs can be a man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean humans are always friendly to dogs. Whether it’s dog fighting, abuse or neglect … Cruelty to animals is far from rare .

And Bertram the German Spitz knows something about it…

A cruel and unjust abandonment

When he was only 5 months old, Bertram was abandoned by his breeder who found him far too large to be sold. Unable to bring him money, the dog became a burden and the man therefore decided to get rid of it, without further ado. 

Fortunately for him, the New York artist Kathy Grayson found him on a pet adoption site and immediately fell for his adorable all-round boil ! Without hesitating for a long time, she flew to Tulsa to meet him and brought him back to New York where she has an art gallery.

A little hairy star

Quickly, Kathy realizes that people adore her dog and has the good idea to dedicate an bertiebertthepom/ on which she also promotes her gallery. Since then, Bertram has been followed by thousands of people and has attracted many customers to his mom’s gallery . Some even come with their dog to meet Bertram. 

Bert is now a social media star, with over 120,000 followers on Instagram, and Kathy is absolutely not surprised.

“Bert is a wonderful dog that makes people happy, the Internet and social media are meant for cute animals, people need an antidote to all wickedness . “

Recently, Bertram celebrated its 5th anniversary. Today he leads the life he has always dreamed of and it is widely deserved.