Sniffer dogs in South Africa saved 45 poaching rhinos

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Together, the dogs form a shock team!

At the Southern African Wildlife College in Kruger National Park, a new canine brigade protects wildlife from poachers. Among the target species, the rhino tops the list. While this species is threatened with extinction, these precious animals are often killed by poachers who resell their horns for $ 250,000 a piece on the black market.

Faced with this harsh reality, we had to act! The flair of the dogs of the new canine brigade of the park allows to save many animals from this sad fate. So far, 45 rhinos have been saved thanks to the work of these brave dogs!

Canine brigade to save rhinos in South Africa

80% of the rhinos around the world live in South Africa, so protecting this species on South African soil is paramount!

Unfortunately, we lend medicinal properties to the rhinoceros horn, which makes this animal a golden prey for poachers.

This is why the canine brigade was formed . With the help of dogs, the poachers’ detection success rate is 68%, compared to 3 to 5% for brigades without canine assistance.

‘Trainer Johan Van Straaten releases Texan black-and-tan coonhounds on an exercise in Kruger. These dogs are descended…

Posted by Our Horn is NOT Medicine on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Training to resist stress in the field

Johan van Straaten, the team’s dog handler, trains dogs from an early age. They are socialized early and very quickly accustomed to the challenges of their mission which consists of finding poachers who hide from the police.

Among the dog breeds that make up this shock team are Blue Ticks, Beagles , Malinois , Foxhound and Black-and-Tan Coonhound .

Dogs learn to use their scent to spot poachers, track them with their fellow humans over very long distances, and surround and secure the trees in which people hide. It is their incredible flair that changes the game, and allows the team to save as many rhinos since the start of the project.

Congratulations to all those who participate in this beautiful mission which makes it possible to preserve a highly endangered species!