She walks into the vet clinic, asks to see her dog and does the unimaginable (Video)

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A terrible story which fortunately ends well.

Mia’s story begins on March 26, 2015. That day, the tiny dog ​​got to know the volunteers of the San Jose Animal Care Center. She was dying then .

Mia’s terrible story

Three weeks before arriving at the shelter, Mia fell seriously ill. Her mistress then decided to take her to the veterinarian for treatment . After examining her, the vet announces that the little dog is suffering from an infection in the uterus. Faced with the urgency of the situation, the vet decides to operate on Mia, not knowing if her owner could pay for the operation.

Despite Mia’s operation, the little dog’s health continued not to improve. The veterinarian then told his mistress that a blood transfusion would be necessary . But the latter simply refused.

For days, Mia was left alone in the vet office.

A dangerous and selfish act

Then, one fine day, Mia’s mistress came to visit him. As discreetly as possible, she then took her dog in her arms and left the veterinary hospital without telling anyone , and obviously without paying anything. All against the advice of the veterinarian.

Three weeks later, members of the shelter demand that Mia be examined again. They then notice that she has lost 25% of her weight . She was also lethargic and dehydrated. To justify herself, Mia’s mistress explained that she gave her milk and chicken to eat.

Her mistress being unable to take care of her, Mia was taken away from her.

A new start

Returned to the shelter, Mia was able to receive all the care she needed. The staff also quickly realized that she would only accept food given directly from the hand. Everyone therefore took their time for the little dog to gain weight . And it worked!

Little by little, Mia even started to eat on her own and she showed off her personality.

Meanwhile, a court ruling ensured that Mia’s owner could never have a pet again. For her part, Mia could therefore finally be placed for adoption in order to make a well-deserved new start.