She walks her dog in the snow: when she lifts her paw, she has a vision of horror

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A veterinarian recommends paying attention to the dangers of road salt for the paws of our doggies. 

Having a pet means doing everything to make our animals feel good with us and looking after their needs. But we must also learn to beware of the dangers of everyday products, especially in winter. 

Watch out for snow-cleared areas 

Caroline Pena is a veterinarian and she shared on Facebook an essential recommendation for all dog owners who walk them on snow-plowed sidewalks. 

Several dogs were rushed to his office with the skin of the paws raw. Caroline shared the condition of a poor dog’s paw and it’s really painful to see. The paw pad is bright red and one can only imagine the dog’s state of suffering when it has to put its little paws on the ground. 

Put boots on our doggies to protect them 

The veterinarian’s advice is: Dogs should wear small boots to prevent them from rubbing their paws with toxic products such as road salt. In addition, it will completely avoid the risk of hypothermia during walks in the cold. 

Caroline specifies that the danger does not concern only the legs. This is because the chemicals in snow removal salts can get into dogs’ digestive tracts and do them a lot of harm. 

If it snows in your area, be very careful of salty places and put small boots on your pooch to protect him.