She thought she adopted an adorable puppy: but it wasn’t a dog at all!

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When the truth came out, the surprise was total because the abandoned animal was absolutely not a puppy …

In Washington County, a woman rescued a puppy that was in great danger at the time. Wanting to help her, she didn’t hesitate a single second to bring her home.

An error in judgment

Quickly, the woman notices that the puppy is not like the others and realizes her mistake: it is not a puppy at all, but a very bad bear. She then decides not to waste a second and to contact volunteers from the Virginia Wildlife Center.

The animal was placed under the supervision of doctors, who did everything possible to cure it. He was dehydrated, hungry and about to die …

A new mom

Fortunately, the vets were able to save the bear, who regained his strength and was even able to be released, in good health. It was then that he found an adoptive bear mother who immediately welcomed him as if he were her own child.

Now the “baby bear” is doing well and has grown into a bear weighing no less than 250 kilos!