She sees a “werewolf” on the side of the road, approaching she discovers the shocking truth

Everyone walked past him without stopping … 

He was thin, balding and leaning for months on the side of the road . His skin looked almost scaly, and his tail was pointed and shriveled. What was left of his black fur stood straight on his neck and back and everything was just knots. He hadn’t eaten for weeks and was barely able to walk. No one knew anything else about this strange creature, except that it had long wandered an orchard in Madera Ranchos, California .

A werewolf

By dint of crossing this creature abandoned in a pitiful state, people started to call it the “Werewolf”. Simply because it was impossible to know for sure what kind of animal it was. Because if its appearance was completely neglected, the animal was also very fearful and refused to be approached.

But everything changed at the time of March. A woman drove past the “werewolf” and decided to appeal for help to help this poor creature . So she was arrested not far from him and sent a message on Facebook. A few minutes later, Megan Bowe was on the scene.

Founder of an association that helps stray dogs, Megan Bowe is in shock when she meets the poor doggie. It is then almost no longer standing and seems to be at the end of its path .

Approaching him, Megan Bowe discovers that the “werewolf” is actually a sick German Shepherd . She then decides to name him King and takes him with her for an emergency consultation with the veterinarian.

A shocking announcement

On site, the veterinarian examines King and finds him many problems: a fractured pelvis, a severely broken tail and scabies. But it was not the most shocking. What really surprised everyone was the age of the dog. He seemed so tired, so worn out by life … And yet King was only one year old . 

The veterinarian then explains to Megan Bowe that King was probably hit by a car and left behind. that would explain his injuries. Megan Bowe decides to take her home so that she can finally offer him the necessary care. Very grateful, King immediately approached his rescuer and showed him how happy he was to finally have someone to take care of him.

A few months later, King was able to undergo pelvic and tail surgery. Today, he is completely transformed and happier than ever with his host mother . When he is ready, King will be placed for adoption. In the meantime, he is enjoying his new life with delight and his mom Megan Bowe!