She sees a dog crying in a shelter and will change her life (Video)

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A golden encounter.

When Sarah Sleime visited a shelter in North Carolina as a volunteer, she did not expect a second to meet her. While waiting for other volunteers, Sarah Sleime spots in the corner a Pitbull breed bitch who is completely collapsed and seems depressed . She then decides to approach to speak to him.

At first glance, Sarah Sleime understands that the dog has recently had a litter and when looking more closely, she sees tears running from her eyes , as if she were crying! Although it is not yet fully proven that dogs can cry, what Sarah Sleime believed was that this dog was sad and upset.

According to members of the shelter, the dog – later named Cinnamon – was left in a corner to breed. A very cruel fate . The shelter could not handle a dog like Cinnamon, Sarah Sleime decided to try her luck to find him a family. For this, she filmed a short video of Cinnamon, which was then successfully shared on social networks.

Someone dumped this poor mama at the shelter, minus her babies. Every time I stopped to talk to her and say I was sorry her eyes would fill with tears (check out reaction at -:13). Heartbreaking!! #thedodo The Dodo #adoptdontshop————-Update: Cinnamon was adopted! See my page/updated post for her new family photo and adoption video!

Posted by Sarah Jennings Sleime on Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thousands of people watch Cinnamon’s video and many volunteer to adopt it or help its puppies in one way or another. But it is ultimately Meghan Shelton, a friend of Sarah Sleime who will adopt the dog.

“I have a special place in my heart for the Pitbulls . It is a misunderstood race. When I saw this poor dog cry in her cage, I cried and my children did the same. It was my husband who then proposed that we go see her the next day. “

A very nice meeting

The next day, the Shelton family arrives in full at the shelter to meet Cinnamon and it is love at first sight . The dog is immediately warm and does not hesitate to hug the children who are in heaven! Renamed Rosie, the dog had finally found her home for life.

Look at that wagging happy tail!!!

Posted by Sarah Jennings Sleime on Sunday, November 19, 2017

A house in which she got to know another Pitbull. And if the Shelton were a little afraid of this meeting, the two dogs quickly became inseparable to the delight of everyone.