She saves a Husky dog ​​from euthanasia and discovers her big secret

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Within a few hours, poor Maya would have been euthanized because she was not liked enough… Fortunately, fate decided otherwise for her that day. 

When Maya was picked up, she was wandering the streets, stressed and suspicious. Immediately, the Husky was branded as a difficult dog to adopt, because of her demeanor.

She was taken to the animal shelter in Merced, California. 

A DOG that nobody wants

But once at the shelter, Maya’s behavior did not improve. Quite the contrary even. The dog continued to be very suspicious and defensive, going so far as to pull herself into a corner whenever a visitor came to see her. 

She was therefore included on the list of future euthanasia …

A big secret unveiled

But Maya had a stroke of luck, one that doesn’t happen very often. The founder of Palomino Valley Pet Rescue, Terri Braunworth, crossed her path and she decided to save her. She decided to take her to another shelter in order to give her a chance, to try to understand her and to appease her. 

But quickly, the volunteers find that Maya is behaving strangely. Something’s wrong with this bitch. 

She is therefore examined with attention, and it is there that the veterinarian makes a surprising discovery: Maya is pregnant, she is expecting little ones and absolutely no one has noticed. 

A few days later, 7 puppies were born and Maya’s behavior was totally transformed. More joyful, the DOG places more trust in the humans around her and seems appeased. As for the puppies, they are all adorable and will soon be offered for adoption.

Hopefully the whole little family will quickly find a new home for life.