She receives a puppy as a gift, her reaction freezes the blood …

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Sadly, some people are not cut out to take care of pets … this is the case here and this story emphasizes how important it is to NEVER give a pet as a gift. 

For several days, a white puppy had been hiding in the bushes of a residential area. Neighbors had tried to get him out of there but nothing to do, no one could approach him. Loreta Frankonyte of Hope For Paws came to the scene in the middle of the night to rescue her. She then discovered, with surprise, that the dog was really a very young baby, terrified of humans. She had to be patient as the pup refused to let her help him.

She ended up offering him a piece of cheeseburger which the hungry puppy couldn’t refuse. And then one more piece and another until Fox, he was baptized that way, let himself come out of the bushes. 

Check out Fox’s story in the video below:

At the vet, after giving him something to drink because he was dehydrated and had a good bath, we found traces of his mistress thanks to the identification of his microchip.

She doesn’t like her gift, she just gets rid of it!

Stupor then when the latter was contacted and retorted that she did not have what to do with this puppy that had been offered to her and did not feel responsible for it. To hear it, Fox would be no more valuable than any object offered to him. Faced with this odious response, Fox was then admitted to a foster family where he tastes and discovers other furry companions and waits to find a loving home forever. 

New proof that you should NEVER gift an animal without the consent of the person who will receive it. An animal is not a gift.