She is under the spell of a puppy in a litter, but what the breeder reveals to her freezes her blood

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Become a little star on social networks, this adorable dog did not have an easy start in life! 

When Anna Marie Giannini met Tilly, she knew this Tibetan Spaniel puppy was special. The young woman had responded to an ad online about a litter of puppies being donated, but one of them was different.

Love at first sight 

When Anna Marie arrived, the home which gave the litter told her that one of the puppies had a deformity and that if he could not find a family, he would undoubtedly be euthanized. 

Anna Marie had already fallen in love with the little dog even before being told of her malformation and she was already planning to live with her. 

Tilly was born with Short Spine Syndrome, a rare condition where her compressed vertebrae make her feel like she has no neck and an unusually short back.

When Tilly was placed in her arms, the young woman couldn’t believe that no one would want such a precious puppy. 

The little bitch was held in the palm of her hand, and when she lifted her little brown eyes to Anna Marie, the young woman knew their love story had just begun. 

A star on the networks 

As Tilly grew older, Short Spine Syndrome became more and more apparent. But that hasn’t stopped her from doing everything her dog friends do. 

She hasn’t had any health issues or complications due to her short spine and the brave dog will undoubtedly have a long and healthy life.

Most of the time, Anna Marie forgets that Tilly is different. The only times the little bitch needs a little help is getting up or down the furniture, for which she uses special stairs. 

And due to her stiff spine, she is also unable to turn her head to scratch or lick herself. So her mom watches over her all day long to give her good scratches and lots of hugs. 

Tilly is very cuddly and kisses everyone. Her unique look tends to attract a lot of glances on the street and the curiosity of other dogs, so much so that the adorable dog has become a little star on the networks, with over 11K followers on Instagram!