She finds a dog locked in an abandoned box, lifting the animal she has the shock of her life

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A moment in which it is difficult to keep calm. Fortunately, this pooch got a well-deserved second chance. 

Volunteer in the Associated Humane Tinton Falls association , Meghan Lynch had the shock of her life when she arrived at work on a hot day in 2018. And for good reason since she saw a closed cardboard box abandoned in the full sun under a oppressive heat.

Worried about what might be in this box, Meghan quickly decided to approach it to open it and find out the whole truth.

“Usually, there is never anything good in such boxes, especially when they are tightly closed. “

A sad discovery

Meghan gently opened the box and saw a whole pile of fur. Shocked, the young woman then noticed that all was not lost because the animal abandoned in this box was alive and well. He was still breathing.

The bitch was out of breath and bathed in her feces and urine. It was otherwise clear that she had not been groomed for many years.

By lifting the dog to take her somewhere else and put her to safety, Meghan had a second shock when she discovered a little note on which it was written: “I found this thing dirty on my way to work. I have no idea what to do with it. “

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