She buys Staffie dog: vet makes shocking discovery, police are called

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Tayla never imagined that things could be like this for her dog and her… A nightmarish situation. 

Tayla Smyth, 20, spent eight beautiful months with Molly, a Staffie bought following an advertisement posted on the Internet. Unfortunately, following a simple routine visit to the vet, everything was turned upside down for the young woman …

A stolen DOG

When she bought Molly the dog, Tayla shelled out the sum of £ 500 and drove many miles to get her back as the seller was in a hurry. That day, she notices that the bitch is a little thin, but does not pay more attention than that, too happy to be able to adopt her!

The following months go well and Tayla forms a beautiful relationship with Molly. It is when she takes him to her vet that everything accelerates. The latter realizes that the dog already has an electronic chip and discovers that she has been declared lost. 

The phone number attached to the chip is then called, and Tayla discovers that her dog already has a handler looking for him everywhere!

Immediately, Tayla contacts the police to shed light on this dark case of theft, while offering Molly’s master to retrieve her. Obviously moving reunion, but which broke the heart of the young woman who did not think she had to return the one she took for her DOG …