She brings home an abandoned kitten, the reaction of her Doberman Pinscher is stunning

A Doberman Pinscher who took care of several animals

According to its owner, Ruby’s gesture is not an isolated act. The Doberman Pinscher has often taken care of many passing animals in the house: “We had baby rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks,” she said. Ruby will “lick them like she was cleaning them, like she was their mother”.

So it was only natural that Ruby decided to take care of the newcomer to the house named Ramblin ‘Rose: “She started cleaning it like a mother does” said Brittany before adding: “I have it. posed and I hooked it to her nipple ”.

A method that has borne fruit because the little cat quickly gained weight to the delight of Brittany.

As she explains to the newspaper, the savior of Ramblin ‘Rose cannot keep her with her. While Ruby didn’t have a hard time accepting it, other dogs can’t adjust to the kitten’s presence.

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