She brings a Pitbull rescued from the street home: the dog’s reaction makes her blood run cold

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He seems convinced that he is not allowed to enter. 

While for many dogs having a home is quite normal, for the puppy named Boomer it is so lucky that he finds it hard to believe and enter his new home. It all started last month, when Samantha Zimmer, who saves dogs in Houston, Texas, received a message from a woman who was feeding a pack of stray dogs every day at a bank. 

When Samantha had just learned that a big snowstorm was heading towards Texas, she struggled to want to save as many dogs as possible. “We had three dogs from this pack that day and Boomer was one of them,” she tells The Dodo. And according to her, Boomer must have been abused by other humans because he didn’t dare approach.

The doggie seemed to be convinced that he was not allowed to enter the house

This Pitbull crusader  also seemed to have had a very difficult life on the streets. Indeed, the vet found him a heartworm, an untreated fracture to a leg and a pellet gun bullet in his body. However, what broke the heart the most was that the pooch seemed convinced that he was not allowed to enter Samantha’s house, despite the young woman’s encouragement. 

In the end, she had to wear it inside and realized as the days went by, that when she left for work, he never went inside. Samantha explains in the video below that according to her, it’s clear Boomer had never been allowed into a house. 

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