Rescuers help a tied dog and start running when they see the creatures around him

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A scene that will remain etched in their memories forever …

It is in December 2014, in Greensboro in the United States, that this story unfolded which still marks the spirits today. 

That day, Rob Brown – photographer – sees a dog tied to a tree, alone . He then decides to contact an association because the dog seems in poor condition. Once the rescuers are there, they approach the dog to free her and take her away. But they are not alone . 

The young Pitbull was indeed surrounded by vultures who had clearly understood that she was dying. 

Shocked, the rescuers rushed to help the bitch and ran to put her in safety .

A dog who needs love

Obviously, things were then a little complicated for the poor doggie who not only suffered from hunger and many injuries, but had also been frightened by vultures. 

Fearful and shy, the dog needed help to regain her confidence and make a new start. Fortunately for her, it didn’t take very long before it came true. 

A new start for Lilo

Supported by the Merit Pit Bull Foundation  Lilo quickly found a family ready to give him all the love he needed. It must be said that his story touched many people. 

This is how the dog now named Lilo was able to settle with Keana Lynch and her companion Travis Henley. If the beginnings were not simple, she quickly found her place in this house filled with joy and tenderness. 

Posted by Merit Pit Bull Foundation on Sunday, January 18, 2015

Today, the rest of her life is just a bad memory and Lilo enjoys every moment of this new, well-deserved life.