Refugees entrust a dog to a woman and realize their terrible mistake too late

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Sometimes, the adoptions do not go as we had hoped and tragedies are tied … This is what happened to Flo, a poor dog who wanted only one thing: love. 

Flo – a deaf and blind dog – was abandoned in April 2018 at the age of two months in a box next to a container. The Nuremberg shelter welcomed him and many helpful people quickly stepped forward to give him a new home. Some time later, the dog was able to join his new home with a woman who seemed like the perfect mom for him. 

But it was not. 

A huge mistake

Appearances were deceptive. The woman in question, who still had other dogs, was deprived of her animals because she did not take sufficient care of them. Worse yet, Flo was injured in a car accident and received no treatment. So one of its legs was badly injured. 

Upon discovering the terrible truth, the members of the shelter felt betrayed and understood the magnitude of their mistake. In reality, all the information given by this woman was false …

A second chance for Flo

Quickly, Flo was put up for adoption in order to find the family of her dreams. That was about two years ago. Despite many requests, no family could be found for this doggie who only asked for that, because people ultimately did not follow up. 

The decision was then made for Flo to stay with her foster family for good. A relief for all and especially for Flo.