Police officer sees dog Chihuahua run over in the middle of the highway: he runs towards him and panics when he sees the doggie

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He didn’t hesitate a single second to save the life of this dog Chihuahua by putting his own in danger. 

In Florida, a police officer was praised for his composure and lightning-fast reaction in the midst of an emergency.

And in fact ! This policeman ran in the middle of a highway to save a dog run over by a car. 

He reacts with bravery 

Police officer Joseph Puglia said he felt his heart tighten until he saw the dog was still breathing.

The incident took place on Monday and the dog was on highway number 275. The police car’s camera filmed the rescue scene. 

The police officer can be seen stopping his vehicle seconds after a dog was hit by a car. Joseph then wrapped the dog in a survival blanket, placed it in his car, and reported the incident via the car’s radio.

The dog is immediately taken care of 

It was the veterinary emergency team that was notified of the incident through the communication made by the police department. They were waiting for Joseph’s car when it arrived in front of the hospital. 

Fortunately, the dog has only minor cuts and scars. After several medical examinations, the dog should be able to fully recover. Its owner has not yet been located because the dog did not have an electronic chip or an identification collar. 

He is now resting at the shelter and has been renamed Lucky.

If the dog is not claimed, Joseph’s family says they are ready to welcome him into their home!

The interstate is not a place where you would expect to find a dog, however this was not the case for Officer Puglia. …

Posted by Pinellas Park Police Department on Friday, September 20, 2019