Police dog receives 5 bullets in the body, miraculously survives thanks to a small detail

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Gabo, a police dog was shot in the body 5 times in an attempt to foil a shootout. 

Police dogs are real heroes every day . They are educated to protect their environment and to act in all dangerous situations. When we see the dedication with which a police dog has embarked on a high risk action, we can only be in the greatest awe of our 4-legged friends.

Police officer Erik Johnson is in a better position than anyone to know that. Erik works in pairs with his 8-year-old German Shepherd dog Gabo. Erik has been working with Gabo for 7 years, he is a dog from the K9 unit (police dog unit). The tragic event happened in Arkansas, when a 56-year-old woman shot a 41-year-old man who came to see if he was okay. The lady then shot several times at the police who arrived on the scene.

By going to the scene, Erik knew he was going to have to intervene with Gabo and that in this sense, he was exposing his dog to serious dangers. The lady had held the place with a rifle for 5 hours when Erik and Gabo arrived there to put an end to it. Gabo intervened at the scene, but the lady shot her 5 times in the body and then continued to shoot the police.

Erik Johnson was maddened with grief as he waited in the vet clinic next to his trusty dog, bracing for the worst.