No one wants to adopt this dog, a man makes a radical decision that affects the whole world

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And his action has paid off.

When Scott Poore learns that a dog named Queen is locked to the greatplainsspca for over 400 days without anyone deigned to adopt it, he decided to help.

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And to do this, he found an unconventional way: moving in with Queen in his cell , at the shelter. A radical decision which is also explained by the fact that before ending up at the shelter, the poor dog wandered the streets of Kansas City , Missouri. From the age of 3, the animal had never known the warmth of a loving home.

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“We do not know much about it” apart “she was found living in a dumpster in garbage in a very bad part of town,” explains The Dodo Scott Poore, founder of Mission Driven , a mark clothing that aims to help shelters.

Everyone hoped that Queen would find a house quickly, but unfortunately things did not go that way. That’s why Scott Poore decided to give him a boost.

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“I thought to myself: I have to do something really outrageous to draw attention to Queen. It was then that I had the idea of ​​moving into a shelter, which I didn’t never done before. I started the idea at the animal shelter. They said, “This is crazy, but it could work.”

Thus last Tuesday, the man, provided with a suitcase and some belongings landed in the kennel. “I have a small desk and a small chair” and “we have found … the largest bed you can have for a dog, but it is certainly not big enough for a human”. 

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