Nightmare in a pensioner: they open the door and see a “creature” that shocks them forever

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The result of years of neglect …

About three years ago, the Anti-Cruelty Society received several calls about a cat in a deplorable state. The tomcat in question then lives with his old master who already seems to have trouble taking care of him, and even more of his cat!

And according to the various testimonies: it would be unrecognizable, completely covered with hair .

A “creature” who needed help

Some time after these reports, the Anti-Cruelty Society association therefore decided to visit the pensioner in order to learn more and to discover this cat for themselves. Upon entering the house, the volunteers were immediately shocked and could no longer take their eyes off the cat who looked more like a big rug than an animal.

The poor tomcat had more than two kilos of extra fur on his body and could not move.

Our Humane Investigators got a call about a cat living with an elderly gentleman that looked like it was "dragging a…

Posted by Elliott Serrano on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Immediately, the cat was taken to the shelter where it was groomed and cleaned for a long time. Simbad then had to fight a bit to regain his motor skills and gain weight . He then joined his new home for life and is now completely transformed three years later.