Missing dog rescued from storm drain by firefighters on UC Santa Barbara campus

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The poor dog was finally very lucky in his misfortune. 

A man was quietly walking on the Santa Barbara campus when he heard thuds coming from a manhole.

He approached and it was there that he succeeded in identifying the noises: they were desperate calls from a dog for help. 

This good Samaritan did not hesitate for a second and immediately contacted the Santa Barbara fire department. 

Dog missing for over a month

The dog, named Sophie, had been lost for over a month.

No one knows how she got into that manhole and the drain. But according to exam reports, she got stuck in that pipe for at least 3 days.

Firefighters quickly arrived at the scene for the rescue

The firefighters are equipped to descend into the manhole. They carried out the operation very calmly, but the poor dog was very frightened and did not want to approach them or go out.

They used a hose to coax the dog and bring her to them. Fortunately, once she was in the arms of the firefighters, she was no longer afraid: she knew they were coming to save her. 

We can only thank the person who raised the alert as well as the firefighters who managed the operation. Thanks to them, Sophie is now out of danger and she has found her family!