Lost for 10 days, this dog was reunited with her family thanks to a drone!

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t is a hiker who managed to find the dog by scanning the forest where she had disappeared 10 days before.

Using his drone, a hiker reunited a female dog with her family by scanning the area where the animal was lost from the sky.

Lost in the forest

Meadow, a 16-month-old Golden , was lost in a forest in the town of Andes, Delaware, USA.

The days went by, and her family still couldn’t find her. So they posted an ad on social media, asking people in the surrounding area to keep an eye out, and promised a reward of $ 500 to the person who brought them back their beloved dog.

Brian, a local hiker, thought he might come to the aid of the Meadow owners with his drone. He scanned the forest for several days in a row looking for a white spot that would be the lost dog.

Brian was about to drop his mission when he spotted Meadow in the drone footage, and rushed to pick her up.

A laborious rescue

It was not easy: he must have coaxed her a lot with treats for her to agree to approach him!

Once the doggie was caught, Brian contacted his owners who were overjoyed to find their Meadow.

Very relieved to find her family, Meadow jumped into her family’s car to get home as quickly as possible! She must have been eager to find the comfort of her home, and the softness of her bed, especially after 10 days spent outside in the cold!

We hope she thinks twice before running away in the future!