Kitten abandoned in a car dealership: a man approaches and screams when he sees his ears

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It seems that the amputation of his ears and tail was the result of a deliberate and oh so cruel act. 

His name is Gunner, he is only 2 months old and yet he has already experienced very cruel and irreversible things. Indeed, his tail and his ears were cut off and he was abandoned at a car dealership. His dream now? Find a loving home who will take care of him forever. 

Acts of torture preceded by abandonment

It was the San Antonio Humane Society, based in Texas (United States), which announced the reception of the kitten in its refuge on September 23, specifying that it “urgently needs extra love and care” . And according to the animal association, no doubt, the tail and ears of the young feline called Gunner, were cut off on purpose just before giving it up. The staff then cleaned and treated her wounds and then applied laser therapy to her that was supposed to aid her healing. 

Check out the adorable kitten in the video below:

“He has the cutest little meows in the world”

Since his rescue, Gunner has been welcomed into foster care and is now waiting for a family to adopt him forever. “He has the cutest little meows in the world, and once he trusts you, he loves being petted and kissed,” his foster mother said in a press release. According to her, there is no doubt, the kitten “would make the perfect addition to any loving family.” And good news, the kitten has been adopted announced the association on Facebook! A new life is offered to him and we wish him that it is full of love.