Insurance company allows 4 times abandoned dog to find family

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Within 3 months, Jake, an 8 year old dog, has been abandoned four times. Fortunately, thanks to the solidarity of an insurance company, he was able to be adopted and raised funds for his companions in misfortune.

Social networks have the advantage of spreading messages on a large scale. This is what the Burlington Animal Services association decided to do by recounting Jake’s last months. Its story moved many Internet users but also… an insurance company!

The tragic fate of a beloved dog

Jake’s life had started well. He lived with his owner, but the latter unfortunately died before he could even place his dog. Jake was found in a cage next to his owner’s body.

He then suffered several setbacks with different families. The first lost her home and was forced to part with the animal . Then, two successive foster families welcomed him, but unfortunately Jake did not get along with the cats they owned.

The animal therefore returned for the fourth time to the refuge.

A family found and a financial boost for the association

But the magic of social media has paid off. An insurance company called State Farm paid $ 1,500 to help cover the care of Jake, who was renamed “Jake State Farm” for the occasion. Of necklaces , bowls, leashes and other dog accessories were also offered for the animals in the shelter .

The miracle continued as Jake was finally able to find his family for life with an agent for the insurance company. He now shares his daily life with Kim Murray as well as his two other dogs.

The money offered to the association for Jake will be used to pay for the veterinary care of the other animals of the association.