In Manhattan, help finds a Burmese kitten in a box spring: panic sets in

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It’s a rescue unlike any other that unfolded in a Manhattan apartment a few weeks ago.

Upon entering an apartment in Manhattan, United States, rescue workers did not expect to find a tiny kitten stuck in a box spring. Only two weeks old, the little Burmese was taken care of by the Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG). And one of its paws immediately worried vets.

A too damaged paw

Unfortunately, despite all the strength of this kitten named Etienne, his state of health required a surgical operation to amputate the cat from his injured paw because the latter was too infected.

Despite his low weight and small size, Etienne quickly got back on his feet after his operation and learned to live with three legs, as if nothing had happened.

But the beautiful story of the adorable Etienne did not end there. Under the spell of the adorable white fur ball, his veterinarian decided to offer him a home for life in which he was able to join a very nice doggie.

A well-deserved new start for the kitten who now lives like any kitten and never lacks love.