Heroic firefighters rescue a dog from a frozen river (Video of the day)

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Fallen into the frozen waters of an American river , this dog could have lost his life. But two firefighters quickly intervened to extricate him from his icy prison…

Without intervention, this adorable doggie would probably not have gotten away. And for good reason, while trying to reach the other bank of a frozen river in New Hampshire (United States) last Friday, it unfortunately fell into it. A witness to the scene then hastened to contact the fire department.

Neither one, nor two, two firefighters then swapped uniforms and truck all screaming sirens for the benefit of diving suits and a small boat. It only took them a few minutes to recover the animal, which, cold with cold, was about fifteen meters from the shore and struggled to reach it because of the effort already made.

After helping him, the latter entrusted him to an animal control officer. Suffering from hypothermia but taken care of in time, he was saved and should quickly be on his feet.