Heartbreaking: abandoned in a shelter, a dog watches his owners choose a new one

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t’s a heartbreaking story. Zuzu, 2, was abandoned in a California shelter because she was “depressed”. Powerless, she witnessed a moving scene: her masters, visiting the refuge, chose a new dog… in front of her eyes.

Zuzu is a young dog who lived in a house in California with her owners and her biological father. But when he died, Zuzu fell into depression. She kept crying. One day, she jumped over the fence in her garden and found herself with neighbors … who called the pound .

Zuzu then found herself in a refuge, without her owners worrying about it. One day, however, she began to pound her tail briskly. She who was so sad suddenly became ecstatic with joy at the sight of a human couple: they were her masters, and they had come back to look for her.

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