He takes his paralyzed dog to the swimming pool, what happens next makes the whole world cry (Video)

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A real miracle for this paralyzed Husky’s hind legs.

Kane is an adorable Husky who makes his family happy. But overnight, the dog lost the use of his hind legs … Determined to do everything to help their beloved dog, the owners of Kane began to inquire and discovered that their dog was too old for surgery and painkillers had no effect on his pain.

So we had to find other solutions to relieve Kane .

A dog at the pool

It was then that Kane’s master came up with the idea of ​​taking him to the pool so that he could relax a bit in the water. The dog’s relief was immediate. You could read on the dog’s face that he was getting better and was happy.

Most of the time, Kane does not move in water. He just takes advantage of the moment in his master’s arms.

“In the pool, he is weightless and does not feel any pressure causing pain . It is such a relief to know that while we are swimming, Kane feels no pain. “

But it is not the most moving.

A real miracle

After several sessions in the pool, a real miracle happened for Kane who again managed to use his back legs ! At first with the help of a harness to support it, but then sometimes on its own, as before. And even if his approach was still flawed at the start, the most important was elsewhere: Kane was able to walk again.