He saves a dog locked in a hutch: 2 days later, the gendarmes knock on his door and it’s astonishment!

After intervening in the rescue of a dog, a member of an association was indicted. 

The animal rights association Les Sales Gosses intervened in the rescue of Ficelle, a dog detained for two years in a rabbit hutch. According to the Facebook publication written by the association, the members of the Sales Gosses learned of Ficelle’s situation through a photo that was circulating “at the municipal council”.

In order to obtain all the authorizations to intervene in the rules at the home of the master who held the poor dog, the members of the association went to the gendarmerie to file a complaint and define the association’s intervention procedure for recover the bitch. 

Unfortunately, the complaint could not be lodged in the name of the association but was recorded as simple testimony of a natural person, in this case Arnaud, member of the association.

The association does everything to intervene within the rules 

The association contacted the Town Hall to request an order from the Mayor in order to be able to intervene within the rules. However, the mayor remained unreachable and the association had no choice but to intervene without authorization. 

Indeed, the members did not want to let the dog suffer even more under 30 ° and have to wait until the weekend is over to be able to release him. 

The members of the association therefore decided to negotiate with the master to be able to recover Twine. 

When they arrived at the scene, they were able to see the hutch where the dog was being held. He was on display for the whole neighborhood to see without anyone during those two years coming to the aid of the poor doggie …

The gendarmes raided the refuge

Two days after the intervention, on Sunday morning, Arnaud – who had given the testimony in his name to the gendarmerie – saw the gendarmes arrive at his home. 

He was taken into police custody and the gendarmes searched his home and the refuge to find Ficelle. He was heard for several hours by the gendarmes and received a letter of summons to the criminal court for “fraud”. 

Fortunately, String is doing well in this story. The bitch was examined by a veterinarian on the day of the procedure and her kidneys are not affected. Her joints need to be watched and she lacks muscle mass but otherwise she is doing very well and resting far from her old life. 

We wish String to forget all this very quickly and we hope for a positive outcome for the association!

Posted by Association Les sales Gosses – LSG on Monday, July 20, 2020