He saves 5 abandoned dogs, but a few hours later he realizes his huge mistake

A phone call that changes everything

While going to go to the vet, Craig Mcgettrick receives a call from a certain Martin Hemmington, founder of the “National Fox Welfare Society” association. The latter tells him that the 5 puppies are not actually puppies at all, but baby foxes! The baby foxes are then taken care of by a volunteer who does the best thing for these little ones who still needed their mother. 

The volunteer then returns to the place where the babies came from and places them warm in a cardboard box. He then waits for the babies to call their mom to have something to eat, which they do very quickly. In the following minutes, the mother fox comes to pick up her young. A happy ending for this family of foxes. 

As to how it is possible to confuse a fox with a puppy, in reality the baby fox does not look like a fox at all for several weeks. As can be seen in the photos posted by Craig, these baby foxes look a lot like puppies. Hence the confusion.

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