He receives a letter about his cat missing for 2 years and starts to cry

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A cat disappears for more than 2 years and is found 100 kilometers from home. 

Cats are independent animals and they like to keep their little garden a secret. However, this independence can sometimes play tricks. So much so that some cats can disappear overnight without knowing what happened to them. 

More than two years remain without news of his cat 

Jordan Harvey knows it well, he experienced it when her gorgeous pussy Ruby never came home in April 2018.

Months turned into years, and Jordan finally accepted that he would never find Ruby again. 

And yet! Last week Jordan received an email bringing him news of her pussy. Ruby had been found by a security guard more than 100 kilometers from her home. This man had been feeding the cat for 3 weeks and letting her sleep warm in his car so that she would be protected from the cold overnight. 

It was this security guard who took Ruby to the vet to have her ID chip scanned. The Cats Protection association was then able to have access to the identity of its master to contact him. The concern is that all this time Jordan had changed his phone number and address … 

Reading this letter he believes in a joke 

The association eventually managed to find Jordan’s new address and sent him an email. 

When Jordan received the letter telling him that his cat had been found 100 kilometers away, more than 2 years after his disappearance, he initially believed it was a hoax. Fortunately, it was indeed true and Jordan immediately hit the road to Coventry. 

When he arrived, Ruby immediately recognized him and immediately went for a hug. 

Ruby is believed to have sneaked into a truck near Jordan’s gas station which is why she was found 100 kilometers from her home. The cat is very healthy, although no one knows exactly what she has been doing all this time. 

Jordan is more than happy to have found her pussy. He hopes his story will demonstrate the importance of keeping the information on the ID chip up to date.