He leaves his German Shepherd in his car in the sun: the explanation he gives to the gendarmes revolts them

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Last Sunday, a German Shepherd owner left his pet alone in a car in the sun. The animal could be pulled out of this dangerous situation by the gendarmes who were stunned by the owner’s justifications.

On Sunday, September 20, a witness alerted the gendarmes to the presence of a German Shepherd in distress in the town of Charmes, in the Vosges.

The animal was stuck in a hot car parked in direct sunlight, and was very dehydrated and stressed in addition to hypertemia. Thanks to a window left ajar, the gendarmes managed to get the dog out of the car and give him water.

He was taken to the gendarmerie, where his owner arrived an hour later after seeing the summons left by the gendarmes on his windshield.

The young man then explained that he had left his dog in the car to be able to “enjoy the fun fair”!