He films a dog tied in the rain crying. Teacher’s reaction is unacceptable (Video)

A very sad spectacle…

It was in Englebelmer that the 30 Million Friends Foundation intervened to help a little dog, 4 months old .

A rescue that counts

Thanks to the presence of mind of a neighbor who can no longer bear to attend the ordeal of the dog, the 30 Million Friends Foundation was able to set up a rescue more than necessary .

When the volunteers arrived, they discovered the little dog, soaked to the bone, tied to a rope that had wrapped around her neck and almost suffocated her , without any shelter to protect herself.

An absolutely distressing spectacle of infinite sadness .

Brought to the Ponthieu Marquenterre refuge in Buigny-Saint-Maclou for treatment, the dog had the chance to quickly find a host family ready to take care of her and offer her all the necessary love.

A heart-breaking video

During the rescue of the dog, the volunteers were able to discover a video shot by the neighbor in which we see the dog crying to call for help. We then hear her “master” scream at her to calm her down.

complaint has been filed by the 30 Million Friends Foundation because such behavior is obviously perfectly unacceptable.

They see a dead puppy in the middle of the road, approaching they cry out in surprise

It was minus one!

Last October, Nika Todua and Irina Liklikadze were walking on a busy street in Rustavi, a city in Georgia, in eastern Europe, when they noticed a small piece of fur on the sidewalk. When they got closer, they saw that it was a tiny defenseless puppy .

The puppy seemed to be only a few weeks old and did not move at all. The two women then first thought that he was dead, but it was by touching him that they realized their mistake: the puppy was still alive , but probably not for long. 

They immediately contacted the shelter for help .

An essential rescue

Once there, the other rescuers immediately made the decision to take the poor puppy to give him food and drink, but also to put him on his feet . 

The animal was too small and too young to be alone, so they hoped to find the puppy’s mom – but when they spoke to locals, they learned the sad story of this puppy.

“The puppy’s mom was hit by a car and no one knows what happened to her siblings. “

Renamed ET, the puppy was then taken care of and proved to be a real fighter . Moreover, 9 months after this rescue, ET has already quadrupled its weight and is doing much better. It is now a happy dog, well in its paws and joyful. Far from the wreck it was when it was found in the middle of this street.