Dying, he wishes to see his dog one last time and this reunion upsets everyone (Video)

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In 2018, a man realized that his end was near. His last wish? Find his dog a few moments in the hospital before leaving this world. An exceptional moment rich in emotions. 

Beaten by illness, cystic fibrosis, Peter Robson had one last wish: to see his dearest friend for the last time. This is how he was able to see his dog Shep again since the hospital staff agreed to make an exception to their regulation which prohibits the presence of pets in the hospital, for obvious hygiene measures.

Such a beautiful friendship and wonderful farewells

It was after the death of his wife 11 years ago that Peter Robson adopted his dog Shep. They then became the best friends in the world. Entering the hospital, Peter Robson had one fear: never to see his faithful friend again.

Thanks to his family and the kindness of the hospital staff, Peter Robson saw Shep again and the reunion was very moving. The old man even smiled, which hadn’t happened for a while.

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