Dog tied to a pole: the owner tells them about a detail that makes their hair stand on end

The DOG can live 

After having Bella examined and given her several X-rays, the association Jamais sans mon chien received the results: Bella’s blood tests are good, she suffers from osteoarthritis and dysplasia which had never been relieved. In short, the brave dog still has happy days ahead of her! 

The association recalls in its Facebook post that they cannot initiate legal proceedings against the owner of Bella, because the dog is not identified with her name and in any case, she does not have the means to take care of the bitch. 

The association appealed to its community to find the brave dog a foster family. She is an adorable bitch who is very sweet, gets along well with dogs and shouldn’t have a problem with cats because she can’t run anymore. 

The association’s post has been updated to indicate that they have found a foster family for her. We wish him all the best in his new family and enjoy his well-deserved cozy nest! 

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